Festival&Concert Places

I've presented sound pieces at festivals such as: 

La nuit sans images 2024 - France

Longueurs d'ondes festival 2023 - Brest (Fr).

Festival Jean Rouch 2022 - Paris, (Fr).

Festival Green Days Ma Scène nationale 2022- Montbeliard, (Fr).

Festival Ecoute(s) 2022 - Grenoble, (Fr). 

I've presented performances : 

Collective play - Tuer le Temps - Rencontres du jeune théâtre européen 2022 - Grenoble (Fr)

Farm studio Open2023 - Vysaoka (Cz)

What the farm Cabaret - Vauxhallion (Fr)

La Pointe Lafayette - Paris (Fr) / La Dérive Nantes (Fr)/ Le Reper Brussels (Be)


Ville de Lille, Residence-Mission 2023-2024  (Fr) 

For the year 2023-2024, I am artist-in-residence in Lille (City of Lille, Fr). I'm leading several sound creation projects involving mainly children, initiation to Radio Art, sound recording, voices, testimonies, etc. All projects will be presented in Savage Childhood Radio as platform for children and radio works.

In the making !

DUNA Project 12, Instagram collective project

international platform for sharing practices & poetics

3 days on charge of Duna instagram account, sharing work and practices with other projects
members : KaitKtt, Jenny Contreras, Vermillon Project, Camila Parrotta. Michel au Hasard.

Bohemia Farm Studio, June 2023 - Vysoka (CZ)

Creative residency, sound piece for exhibition space and live performance.

Chateau de Goutelas, September 2023 - Marcoux (Fr)

Research and creative residency on the link between the human sciences and art. Work in collaboration with the artist Arnaud Théval.

Awards and grants

Finalist in the silent film sound competition, La semaine du son 2023, Brussels.

with Paul Cossé

Karoo Magazine, Grant for podcast - 2021

Aucune description de photo disponible.

Grant for podcast around the topic "Culture". I produced the piece Récréation sonore.


The 0-6 years festival on Bx1Radio.

Scream Collective Performance at la Bellonne , on Bruxelles Vit, Bx1

About Sound Recreation in Radio Campus Bruxelles