Live performances mixing live music and recorded sound

Concert for no one, The Wrong Biennale, Sor0-Sor0

Video performance

Work in progress with Aerin, Winter shelters, dance and sound.

2023, Black Bird, 30 min

Created during June 2023 residency at Bohemia Farm Studio, Vysoka, Cz. Live performed and
broadcasted in the Gallery for two months of collective exhibition.

Testimonies, music, voices, field recording and spatialisation.

A group of artists from all over Europe came together for the artistic residency. A blackbird living on this territory immediately introduced itself to the group, singing loudly, fluttering close by, occupying most of the sound space. The piece recounts the possibility of an encounter between humans and birds, the inter-species relationships that emerge, the possibility of friendship, politeness and respect between a group of humans and a bird. The piece focuses on the sounds of a particular place. The aim is to oscillate between musical work and testimonies, to find the balance between joy, hope and anguish, particularly in relation to ecological issues, and to question the place of the artist with these issues.

Situation - Improvisation music duo

With Pavel Matela

Performance about intensive duck farming.

Hrůzafest 2023, Miřenice (CZ)