Artists' collectives in which I participate

Sound, Music, Poetry, Readings

IRMã : Improvisation and research for acousmatic massage

Currently in creative and research residency at IRCAM Paris.


Acousmatic” refers to a listening situation in which the listener does not see the source sound. The term refers to the teaching of Pythagoras which was hidden behind a curtain to invite its disciplines to focus on discourse. Thus, acousmatic music has aims to develop the sense of listening, the imagination and the mental perception of sounds. Participants are invited to a sound immersion (live and recorded music) the eyes bands. We are working on the spatialization of sound with speakers (through an acousmonium more or less important depending on the space) and movement of sound objects. This experience aims for relaxation, stimulation of the senses through the spatialization effect of sound and creativity. We can imagine our work as the creation/interpretation of the soundtrack of the fiction that each participant imagines himself.

Last performances : Artist commons Brussels, Runt of a litter London, Queer night of the wood Modave, Baume Paris, etc.


Le Cri (The Scream), Live music, writing and readings

Radio drama and live performance including musical improvisation (cello, guitar, saxophone) and reading of testimonies on the theme of violence, live.

Last performances : Recyclart Bruxelles, La Semaine du son 2023 Bruxelles.

Currently in creation residency at La Maison Poème, Bruxelles.

Collective 1984, Brussels, Action Theater and street performances.

Collective creation of two pieces, Tuer le temps and La surveillance c'est pas drone, performed in public spaces.