Artist statement

Born in Toulouse in 1991, I am a sound artist, radio art producer and musician. I spent my childhood in the south of France between Tarn and Eastern Pyrenees. I am particularly interested in the questions of local identities, social link, interspecies relationships and mental disorders. Initiated on Radio Brume, La Fabrique de la Nuit in Lyon, I multiply today the angles of research by proposing original sound objects mixing music, documentary, live performance and poetry.

PhD in social sciences (Panthéon-Sorbonne University/School for advanced studied in social sciences, Paris), I have studied interdisciplinarity from an epistemological point of view and I am now developing an intermedia artistic practice, searching for links between social sciences and art including audience participation in artistic creation.

My approach is to open a space of freedom from a philosophical, sociological or political question and to create an aesthetic and musical work from a collection of raw sound material.

I value sound work as a means of free expression that opens the way to confidence on the part of the participants, while maintaining a certain modesty that avoids hasty criticism of the physical appearance, and by extension the social appearance, of the interviewees. Also, because they only mobilize the auditory sense, the sound objects are the means to immerse oneself in a powerful imaginary, having a great force of collective gathering, in particular at the time of listening session but also, individually, in the everyday life.

Mixing live performance and broadcasting of sound recordings makes it possible to document an artistic process and to perform it by opening up access to several temporalities at the same time.

Performance is a practice close to poetry, in the sense that it involves creating for the present time. Sound is also a poetic object that, beyond words, connects individuals and groups to deep and sentimental thoughts in action.

I studied technics of collectives creations in Collective 1984, Brussels (Be), mixing editing and documentary process with StreetPress, Paris (Fr), philosophy and social sciences in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and EHESS.